Metal connector, safety-type straight inner thread incl. ferrule and sealing made of TPE or brass trust collar [MSD]


Structure: Connector body with hexagonal wrench surface, connecting thread metric acc. to EN 60423, hexagon pressure nut, plastic seal or brass thrust collar, ferrule made of metal


Connector body: nickel-plated brass
Pressure nut: nickel-plated brass
Sealing ring: TPE or PTFE
Thrust collar: brass
Ferrule: brass


  • highly watertight and dustproof
  • friction-type locking of conduit and screw connector
  • correct grounding
  • covering of the conduit ends
  • vibration and tension proof

Important: The security of the connector is only guaranteed with the corresponding ferrule. For emc-usage please see our assembly instructions.


DIN_EN_61386-23 EAC_Zertifizierung   RoHS REACH