Cable Protection System

Established in 2009 , HANS is appointed as Singapore distributor for FLEXA GmbH, the world-leading manufacturer of wire and cable protection system. FLEXA product range extends from protective conduits for sensor cables to fire protection conduits and EMC shielding. Comprehensive line and cable protection also includes guide chains as well as tubing holder and cable entry systems. We offer cable protection devices made of plastics or metal including the appropriate connectors featuring any customary type of thread. Our products are food-safe, liquid-tight, resistant to solvents and UV light, or coated with silicone. They can be applied at temperatures of between – 60°C and + 600°C and are approved for up to IP 69 K. FLEXA ROHRflex all-plastic corrugated tubings with worldwide approvals are extremely durable and designed to withstand countless bending cycles and stresses caused by tension and torsion.

ROHRflex Corrugated Plastic Tubings
Connector FLEXAquick
Protective Metal Conduits
Tubing Clamp System
Protective Metal Conduits Liquid Tight
Protective Plastic Condults
Special Protective Conduits
Guide Chains
Cable Entry Systems
Suction, Blower, Transport Hoses

Market We Serve

Sensor Technology

The FLEXA metal conduits with their tiny dimensions perfectly meet the high-precision requirements defined for sensor technologies.


The innovative, odourless protective conduits from FLEXA have a smooth, easy to clean surface and are characterised by high stability.


Protective conduits made by FLEXA and designed for rail vehicles prove themselves not only in terms of reliable mechanical protective standards but also in terms of good fire protection properties.


FLEXA protective conduits to be applied in the field of mechanical engineering feature a high level of mechanical impact resistance and of abrasion resistance.

Renewable Energy

Applied ashore or on the open sea – the sturdy FLEXA protective conduits will resist any weather and any mechanical stress as well as any damage caused by rodents.


Protective conduits made by FLEXA to be applied on robots are most durable thanks to an optimal combination of material and profile geometry.


FLEXA liquid-tight and food-safe conduits feature a smooth and an easy-to-clean surface.


Cable protection systems for offshore applications in the oil and gas production business do not only need to withstand extreme environmental impact, they also need to be fire-resistant.

Electrical Installations

FLEXA protective conduits do not only provide for troubelfree operation in terminals and distributors, they are also readily applied in the semiconductor industry and for the production of microchips.


FLEXA products protect cables and lines applied in shipbuilding against weather-related and chemical stress – just because our fire-retardant protective conduits have been designed to withstand exactly such conditions.